Italy: Trading young players under pretenses of false maternity and fake family reunions

Italy: Trading young players under pretenses of false maternity and fake family reunions

Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera has a report on trafficking players from Africa to Italy.

As reported by Corriere della Sera, local authorities have revealed that there is a fast growing trend of young African football talents, with certificates, entry visas and other documents that are now suspected of being false, arriving in the Tuscan city of Prato and being presented as promising players and in some cases transferred to top-ranking football clubs in the country.

Some of the documents included false maternity certificates allegedly proving that the minors’ mother were women legally abiding in Italy.

According to local investigators, said football talents were in fact underage minors from the Ivory Coast without any form of residence permit to stay in the country. Since the initial investigation, local police have been executing extra measures with threat of jail time for those involved and a series of surveys at clubs including local AC Prato, who is now in Italian third league Lega Pro, and heightened investigations on match-fixing and betting.

The teams involved Inter, Fiorentina and Serie B side Cittadella have all received requests for access to corporate documents: authorities are investigating, in particular, the transfer of two young Africans who are accused of entering Italy with falsified documents in order for the clubs in question (AC Prato and Sestese) to obtain profits on the sale of the players. Inter, Fiorentina and Cittadella have accepted the transfers in the full conviction that everything was regular. Among the transfers that are being investigated is Ivorian Christian Kouamé’s, sold by Prato to Cittadella for 400.000 euros.

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