Mission 89 joins Interpol’s Human Trafficking Expert Group

Mission 89 joins Interpol’s Human Trafficking Expert Group

Mission 89 is delighted to announce that it is joining Interpol’s Human Trafficking Expert Group. Interpol’s track record in protection of trafficking victims and law enforcement against traffickers compliments Mission 89’s existing education, research and advocacy work.

Existing members of Interpol’s expert group include Mission 89’s partner the International Organisation for Migration, as well as UN Women and the UN Office for Drugs and Crime.

Mission 89 as an organisation relies on collaboration with stakeholders and therefore this link with Interpol will play a key role in mitigating trafficking in sport.

Interpol is the only organisation that links national police forces from 194 countries around the world and carries out joint police raids, including raids targeting trafficking.

Mission 89 is also celebrating the news that the organisation has been added to Facebook’s trusted partners’ channel.

Facebook trusted partners are NGOs that will be given support in monitoring for signs of potential abuse, often using AI technology to detect this across the social media platform.

These collaborations put Mission 89 in stead to work with global law enforcement and technology to plug the gaps that traffickers use to initiate contact with children, either in person or online.

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